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NFSP statement regarding counterfeit stamps

The NFSP has raised our concern with Post Office Ltd (PO) over the potential reputational damage to postmasters regarding counterfeit stamps. In a story published by the Daily Mail on Wednesday, it w...

Apr 12, 2024 |

NFSP statement regarding PO’s Postmaster NED roles

Following Post Office Ltd’s (PO) announcement regarding the application for two postmasters to join their Board as Postmaster Non-Executive Directors today, the NFSP again wishes to express its...

Apr 8, 2024 |

Christine Donnelly's column: Don't be afraid to talk to someone

Hello,Some 20 years back we had a violent robbery at our post office, there was a period where I did not know if my husband was dead or alive. At the time, with the support of customers, friends and n...

Apr 4, 2024 |

Royal Mail's proposal for the future Universal Service

International Distributions Services plc announced today that Royal Mail (RM) has submitted its response to Ofcom’s call for input into the Universal Service.Following extensive consultation, an...

Apr 3, 2024 |


A vacancy now exists for a Non-Executive Director to represent the Midland Region.  The period of office shall be to June 2027. The legal duties that a Non-Executive Director is required to upho...

Apr 3, 2024 |

NFSP statement on Post Office Ltd’s remuneration update

Post Office Ltd (PO) have today released information relating to remuneration and the Operational Excellence Initiative. This has been sent out by email to all postmasters. During the 2019 Remunerati...

Mar 27, 2024 |

Calum Greenhow comment: Unity is key and should not be ignored

There are two aspects in dealing with Post Office Ltd (PO) at this moment that are proving challenging for the NFSP. “Only two” I hear you cry. The first is that PO has set up di...

Mar 27, 2024 |

Tim Allen’s Postmaster Ponderings: “Sell Post Office to Amazon for a quid”

This article is the individual ponderings of a postmaster and does not necessarily reflect the views of the NFSP but is the sort of communication we receive or hear that in turn is reflected in our fu...

Mar 22, 2024 |

New NFSP podcast available now

In the latest episode of our podcast, The Post Report: Stories from the post office network, NFSP Chief Executive Calum Greenhow, along with postmasters Sue Bruce and Barry Vara, speak about all the i...

Mar 20, 2024 |

Keith Richards column: How the NFSP supports HSS claimants

Hello,My role within the NFSP is described as “Compliance and Network Support” which covers a wide range of services to members.One role which I have been involved with for a number of yea...

Mar 5, 2024 |

Statement: NFSP welcomes new legislation

The NFSP welcomes the change in legislation announced last week which will exonerate hundreds of postmasters who were convicted in the Horizon scandal. The new legislation was announced by Postal Aff...

Feb 26, 2024 |