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About Us

The National Federation of SubPostmasters (NFSP) is a professional not-for-profit trade association representing post office operators.

The NFSP is an independent, specialist trade association entirely dedicated to postmasters, knowing and understanding postmasters is central to what we do. 

We are a member-led not-for-profit organisation, supporting members to operate post office and retail outlets. 

The NFSP provides a number of products and services for the benefit of our members.  This includes representation of postmasters in negotiations with Post Office Ltd, access to expert mails support, retail support, information, news and analysis, and access to specialised and discounted products.

We are postmasters; our Board is formed of serving postmasters who are nominated by their peers.  When we speak it is with a knowledge and authority which comes from knowing our business inside out. 

No-one can represent postmasters more effectively, and our vision is to continue to fulfil that role, growing our influence for the benefit of our members.

The NFSP's Articles of Association, which define our constitution and purpose, can be downloaded HERE. The NFSP's primary source of funding is a Grant Framework Agreement (GFA) with Post Office Ltd which was instituted in 2015, the GFA can be downloaded HERE.


Benefits of becoming a member