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Our Vision, Mission and Values

Organisations with a clear mission, vision, values and objectives perform better than those without them. The NFSP is committed to developing our role as the strong and credible voice of subpostmasters, reflecting members’ views and ensuring the value members add to the overall Post Office Ltd proposition is recognised.

Our vision

The collective voice of post office operators offering members representation, support and solutions to realise the full potential of their businesses.

Our mission

A membership led non-profit organisation, supporting members to operate post office and retail outlets. We represent their interests at every level of policy and decision making. We offer an opportunity to belong to, and take part in, a community working together for a more successful future.

Our Values


We care about our members, about the people we work with, and about the relationships we have. We take time to understand the needs of others, showing empathy and compassion. We are honest in our words and deeds.


We are experts in our fields. We understand our industry and our members’ businesses. We employ the right people and we encourage them to share their knowledge with others in a way which is accessible to all. We are smart enough to know what we don’t know and ask for help when required.


We act professionally at all times, we respect others and their opinions. We treat people as we would like to be treated. We encourage and celebrate diversity and are sensitive to individual circumstances.

Member focused

We are a membership led organisation; our board is formed of members, voted for by their peers, and with members’ interests at its heart. Members are at the forefront of what we do, our representation of and support for members is written into our rules and guides our day-to-day decision-making. We have a responsibility to our members to strive to understand and meet their needs, and to ensure our activities are broad enough to offer something for all. We seek value for money for our members in all that we do.


We are honest and straight-forward in our interactions with others. We act with integrity and authenticity. We are consistent and fair in our treatment of others. We build trust by being open about our activities, transparent about our decision-making, successfully delivering our objectives, and demonstrating our clear commitment to our members’ interests.