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What's our social value?

May 5, 2020 | NFSP

The NFSP is carrying out research to understand the different ways in which post offices support their local communities.

NFSP Head of Research and Policy, Peter Hall said: “we talk regularly to government and other stakeholders about the work done by post offices that has a social value – much of which is unpaid and, hitherto, unquantified.

For example, we know subpostmasters and their staff help prevent customers from falling victim to scams – but how often does that happen?

We know that subpostmasters and their staff ‘keep an eye out’ for vulnerable and lonely people in their communities – but how many people across the country are we talking about?

Knowing this kind of information will help us demonstrate the social value of post offices to decision-makers and will assist us in our efforts to ensure that the long-term financial success of the network is at the heart of government’s plans.”

Subpostmasters can fill out a short online survey that will provide the NFSP with evidence to support our conversations with government about the financial future of the network.

To take part click HERE