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Post Office Ltd interference with Google My Business pages

Jul 23, 2020 | Post Office

The NFSP has become aware that Post Office Ltd (PO) has been taking control of and editing individual post offices’ Google My Business pages.

In many cases this has seen PO remove content relating to an individual post office that the subpostmaster added – such as pictures, contact details, their website address and information on their retail offer. In place of this information, PO has added its own central contact details.

This is totally unacceptable. The NFSP has contacted PO to understand how and why this outrageous activity has taken place and to determine what steps can be taken to undo the changes PO has made. 

We have made it clear to PO that the provision of support to increase the profile of post offices within their local communities would be welcomed if done properly. Any such activity should be in collaboration with the subpostmaster, not behind their backs and potentially to their detriment. We have also made our concerns known to Government.

PO have missed an opportunity to engage constructively with its network and work in partnership with subpostmasters. It is extremely disappointing that they have behaved in this way – and, if such activities continue, it does not bode well for PO’s objective to ‘reset the relationship’ with subpostmasters.

We understand that PO is planning to put out communications on this issue – but of course, this will be too little, too late.

A further issue we have become aware of while investigating PO’s interference with Google My Business is that Royal Mail’s website is describing individual post offices as ‘our office’ and encouraging people to purchase postage via an app on the same page. 

This is also totally unacceptable, and we have raised the issue with PO and Government this morning. More to follow on this in due course.