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Jan 5, 2023 |

The postal company currently has an obligation to deliver letters 6 days a week.

The National Federation of SubPostmasters (NFSP) considers public remarks by Royal Mail chairman, Keith Williams regarding a possible increase of stamp prices to be scaremongering and likely to cause anxiety to postmasters and the general public. 

Mr Williams has recently briefed the UK press warning that Royal Mail (RM) may increase the cost of stamps to over £1 if the British Government does not agree to scrap letter deliveries on Saturdays. This involves a lengthy legislative process. 

The NFSP reiterates its previously stated position, that Royal Mails’ proposed reduction to a 5-day delivery week for letters and cards would adversely affect remuneration at the worst possible moment. Alongside rising energy costs, Royal Mail postal worker strikes and reduced banking deposit limits are already imperilling the Post Office network, and a reduction in delivery days would be, for many NFSP members, the final straw.  

By making ill-conceived and irresponsible public statements of this nature, Royal Mail are trying to force the communications regulator, Ofcom and the Government to scrap the Universal Service Obligation (USO), which requires them to deliver 6 days per week.  

It is another example of how out of touch and ill-equipped Royal Mail management is to take the company forward during these challenging times. They failed to deliver Christmas because of the ongoing CWU postal workers' industrial action, a failure that led to accusations from their former boss, Rico Back that they “wasted time” and were “not executed properly”. 

NFSP CEO Calum Greenhow stated that RM are out of touch and they not understand the issues of the wider network. "Our colleagues around the country have highlighted concerns raised by their customers for items not arriving in time for Christmas. And as a result, some customers have sought alternative carriers to deliver their items. There seems to be no recognition from RM of the long-term impact that losing these customers will have on future revenues for postmasters."

Given the impact this will have on so many businesses that rely on Royal Mail to deliver their items, the NFSP calls upon senior management to think again about its actions and consider the unnecessary concern these remarks have had on businesses and members of the public. They further call upon Royal Mail to settle this industrial dispute with their workers before it brings to ruin a household name and trusted organisation.

The NFSP also calls upon OFCOM to make a statement, enforcing the Universal Service Obligation to restore confidence in the industry. 

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