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Horizon Inquiry asks for members’ experiences

Jan 28, 2022 |

The Horizon Inquiry recently announced that it would like to hear about the human impact on individuals who have been affected by the Horizon matter. 

The Inquiry would like to establish, firstly,

“what impacts the failures of the Horizon System have had” on affected individuals; and secondly, “what impacts the changes at the Post Office Ltd [PO] are having” on current postmasters and their staff.

As such, the Inquiry recently contacted the NFSP asking to hear from you, our members, about your experiences.

Members can provide accounts of their experiences through two avenues:

1. providing formal evidence (a witness statement); and/or

2. participating in a Focus Group session.

The NFSP believes this is a vital opportunity for members to share with the Inquiry their experiences of the Horizon IT System and of PO past and present.

We therefore fully encourage those of you who have been affected to take part.

The NFSP will also be holding an information session before the Inquiry’s proceedings to offer participating members any information or support they might want on any matters relating to the Inquiry. Details of these will be available on the NFSP website soon.

If any members would like advice before getting involved – about giving a sworn testimony, participating in a Focus Group or any other matter related to the Inquiry and its focus – please don’t hesitate to get in touch at or call 01273 452324.

Giving a witness statement

If you are interested in providing a witness statement and have not already made contact with the Inquiry, the Horizon Inquiry requests that you email the Solicitor Team at

Alternatively, you can write to ‘Solicitor Team, Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry, 1 Victoria Street, Westminster, London SW1H 0ET,’ or telephone 020 7215 2555 to register your interest. A member of the Solicitor Team will then be in touch to talk you through the process. 

Taking part in a Focus Group session

If you or your staff (including family and friends) would like to participate in the informal Focus Group sessions, visit HERE to register.

The sessions will be held virtually on Fridays in March 2022, and will be livestreamed to a public audience, which may include media representatives. Each session will be recorded, and a transcript published on the Inquiry’s website.

For more information, see the Horizon Inquiry’s official website:

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