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CWU Strike Update

Feb 3, 2023 |

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) have announced yet another strike that will commence on Thursday 16th February at 12:30pm. This strike will last 24 hours. The CWU tweeted yesterday (2nd February), that “We have served notice on Royal Mail Group for a 24-hour strike commencing for all shifts starting after 12:30pm on Thursday 16th February.” 

 Royal Mail has since urged the union to withdraw the strike and have brought up the impact these strikes have caused stating: “We entered facilitated talks through ACAS in good faith, believing that the CWU were serious in their claim that they wanted a resolution. In announcing further damaging strike action, the CWU have shown they are not interested in resolving this dispute and continue to focus on damaging our business further.” 

The NFSP restates its position that ongoing strikes place a massive strain on the postmaster network at the worst possible time. The NFSP urges the CWU and Royal Mail to come to terms as quickly as possible. 

RM are due to face Parliamentary questions from MPs on the BEIS Committee on 22 February. 

Royal Mail CEO Simon Thompson has been recalled to the Committee after evidence was received casting doubt over the accuracy of statements made to the Committee on 17 January. 

Questions to be asked include whether Royal Mail is compromising its obligation to provide a minimum guaranteed mail service to all addresses and is prioritising parcels;  

The NFSP is also very disappointed that Royal Mail have not been able to resolve the major issues surrounding the recent Cyber Attack on their systems. This is impacting Postmasters, especially at a time when they have lost so much income due to the ongoing strikes. Post Office and RM must come to an arrangement to properly compensate postmasters for the downturn in remuneration which is in danger of having long-term consequences for the network. 



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