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Cash counters and Scottish banknotes - what to do if you've been experiencing problems

Nov 25, 2021 |

A number of NFSP members have reported issues with cash counters failing to register Scottish banknotes – particularly the new RBS polymer banknotes. The NFSP recently contacted our cash-counter partners Safescan and Tellermate for guidance. 


If you are a Safescan user, you should download the latest currency software for your device, which can be found HERE on their website.

It’s crucial that you keep your device up to date with the latest software AND that you clean it regularly and correctly. Out-of-date software and/or a build-up of dust and dirt from the banknotes themselves can prevent your device from effectively counting cash and detecting counterfeits.

For instructions on how to correctly maintain your Safescan device, visit their product support webpage HERE.


Tellermate informed us that anyone using their machines in Scotland will have been provided with the Scottish currency software for their device.

However, if your Tellermate machine is not set up for Scottish currency, you should only put one or two Scottish banknotes on the reader at a time to ensure they are correctly counted.

Tellermate update their software each time a new banknote enters circulation and send out a notice to customers with machines up to five years old reminding you to download the new version each time.

Instructions on how to recalibrate or upgrade your Tellermate device to detect new banknotes, including the new polymer notes, can be found on their website HERE.

If you continue to experience problems with either your Safescan or Tellermate device after updating and cleaning it, please report this to the NFSP Communications Team at

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