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Actions in response to the roll out of ordering via Branch Hub

Jul 24, 2020 | Post Office

As subpostmasters will likely be aware, Post Office Ltd (PO) is rolling out a new system for ordering stock via Branch Hub – which it intends to replace the Horizon-based ordering system.

The NFSP is supportive of Branch Hub in principle as it is a vast improvement on the current ordering system. However, as switching to ordering via Branch Hub will remove the ability to order via Horizon, it may create problems for some subpostmasters and we know that many are opposed to this move by PO as a result. We have raised concerns with PO about various practical issues they do not appear to have taken into consideration.

If you have been contacted by PO and instructed to switch to using Branch Hub and you wish to continue using Horizon for ordering purposes, then you can take the following action:

Contact your Area Manager and state that you do not wish to switch to ordering via Branch Hub and that Horizon ordering facilities in your branch should be kept in place.

The NFSP continues to have discussions with PO about these matters and we will provide members with further updates going forward.