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Sue Jude's comment: We have to fight for our businesses

Nov 28, 2023 |

Hi all,

I'd like to give members a brief update from the Welsh Region and on our NFSP Benevolent Fund.

We held a Senedd Event in Cardiff in September where a small group of us met with Senedd Members (MSs) to discuss the concerns of postmasters. Of particular concern was remuneration, banking, DVLA and access to cash, which are all contributing factors to the survival of our post offices within our communities.

In addition, the further loss of services from our post offices has been raised with ministers. This impacts on footfall and affects the mental well-being of the elderly and vulnerable members of our communities. Many have expressed that using their local post office gives them a purpose to leave their home, and to socialise with others, notwithstanding that many do not have a bank account or use a computer.

The Senedd event was a success, with Members of the Senedd having since kept their promise to lobby MPs and work with us within Wales. 

As regards DVLA services, offices who joined our campaign received strong support from customers to lobby the government to retain these services after March 2024.  These are our businesses which we have heavily invested in. We cannot afford to 'roll over' and simply accept what is being dictated. We must continue to fight against government proposals to remove services and protect our investments. Only together will we show a 'united front'.  

A huge thank you to those of you who have gathered signatures from the public both handwritten and through promoting our petition online, which is still open here. If government take another service from our post offices, they not only marginalise many customers but also put our own businesses at stake and reduce our remuneration.  

We will continue to meet and work with Senedd Members and push for our post office survival.

NFSP Benevolent Fund - Christmas Raffle Appeal

I am passionate about our Ben Fund and those we have, and are, supporting. A huge thanks to all who donate personally from their remuneration, and to those regions who raise funds at meetings with raffles, etc. A number of us have charity boxes on our counters and we ourselves have Lifeboats and Ben Fund boxes on our counter.

I am appealing to colleagues to hold a Christmas Raffle in support of our own Ben Fund.  Unfortunately, it is not within our remit to help businesses, but we do offer much-needed support to those who have a personal need.

Last year, our raffle was well supported by local businesses. Donations included vouchers from cafes, along with bottles, biscuits, etc.  After just two weeks, we had sold not far off £200 in tickets.  

Please try to lend your support. All applications to the Ben Fund are treated in strictest confidence.

I wish you all well and a peaceful Christmas with best wishes for the New Year.

Sue Jude

Chair, NFSP Benevolent Fund

NFSP Non-Executive Director Wales

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