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Sue Edgar's Comment: It was an honour to attend Downing Street

Nov 8, 2023 |

NFSP Non-Executive Director North East Sue Edgar writes about handing the DVLA petition in to Downing Street and her emails with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.


Hello everyone,

Well, what a busy week it was. We couldn’t go to Parliament last Wednesday because of State Opening, but at least we were able to go to Downing Street on Thursday to hand in our DVLA petition.

It was such an honour as Chair of the NET to do this on behalf of members. It really was a surreal moment and just amazing. I wish I could have such a shiny door!

I debated whether to go or not after the weather warnings but in all honesty it was okay. There was lots of media coverage and I had to give interviews to local television and radio - unlike David Ward, who does this all the time, it was a new experience for me. 

I was sure I babbled and was non-coherent but got through it. 

We didn't get to meet with Rishi Sunak. I did e-mail and hint whether we could go inside for tea and scones, but he had another appointment. He did give positive feedback through e-mail though, apologising for not being able to meet with the NFSP. (Click here to read what Rishi Sunak wrote).

Anyway, it truly was an amazing time, just to go through those gates and stand outside Number 10 - and, no, I never thought about the irony of the red coat I wore!

Chatting to the police guards, it turned out his family were from Teesside, near to me, and the other side were from Peebles, Ian Carruthers’ town, close to Calum Greenhow. It’s a small world we live in. 

Another thing we are working on is the time taken by Horizon to carry out the new Evri and DPD transactions. It’s far too finicky and time consuming but please remember to scan in or you will not receive payment. 

Another issue is around payment for Amazon. Some payments don't align with what we are doing in branch, so we are working with PO to resolve this issue and make sure we all get payment for what we do. 

We are still looking at online transactions, currency, and postage amongst other things. 

This, I think, lets everyone know that the NFSP are working hard at getting things sorted for members’ benefit, with Calum and staff at Shoreham having to do their normal day-to-day jobs but also digging through boxes to provide evidence to Sir Wynn and the Inquiry. 


Sue Edgar

NFSP Non-Executive Director North East

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