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Special Delivery envelope shortages

Dec 10, 2021 |

Across the network, many NFSP members have been reporting shortages of Special Delivery (SD) envelopes in your offices. The NFSP is aware of the issue and has contacted Post Office Ltd (PO) and Royal Mail (RM) for a response. 

The NFSP understands that RM is refusing to supply further SD envelopes this financial year. This is on the basis that there is already at least six months’ worth of stocks sitting out in the network overall – with some offices holding up to four years’ worth based on current sales data.

PO has made attempts to retrieve some of the excess stock from certain offices but has so far been unsuccessful. They plan therefore to devise a formal programme for the first two weeks of January to get the stock to the subpostmasters that need it.

The NFSP has told PO that the situation is unacceptable, and that more immediate action is required.

We are putting pressure on PO to take steps to resolve the issues many offices are experiencing.

The NFSP has also asked for urgent communications from PO to the network on this matter, as we believe they need to be open about the issue.

If any members' offices have a shortage of special delivery envelopes, they should contact their Area Manager to let them know. This will highlight to PO the scale of the issue out in the network, and encourage them to take action.

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