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PRESS RELEASE: NFSP Calls on BEIS minister to address fears over future of post office network

Jan 31, 2023 |

NFSP Communications Team

Following on from an answer given to a Parliamentary Question which centred on the growing number of temporary closed post offices, the NFSP raised concerns about the accessibility and convenience of the Post Office service, particularly in rural areas. Many rural post offices are unable to sustain the costs of operation, leading to temporary closures, and often being replaced by part-time outreach services with limited opening hours and products. 

The letter asked the Minister to look into why so many offices were closing, whether temporary or permanent. According to recent research from Citizen’s Advice, 1,291 post offices were temporarily closed in 2021, nearly double the number from 2017. This suggests a trend of declining network size, which the NFSP attributes to poor remuneration and long working hours for Postmasters, and a lack of future strategy by Post Office. 

The NFSP has often questioned the future viability of the network and the complete lack of scrutiny and oversight by the Government and has called on BEIS to look into possible solutions proposed by the NFSP. 

The letter can be downloaded from our website