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Postal Affairs Minister meeting update

Oct 24, 2023 |

The NFSP had an hour's meeting with the Postal Affairs Minister and Post Office as part of the ongoing Working Group last Wednesday.

The following topics were covered:

  • Outreaches
  • Restrictions Policy
  • Drop & Collect
  • NBit
  • Mails Strategy
  • Banking


NBit is currently being tested in two directly managed branches and the Minister of State is visiting one of the pilot offices this week.

PO have appointed a Chief Transformation Officer to oversee NBit who has started an internal and external review. These findings will be shared with the NFSP over the next few months.

The NFSP attended a run through of the system in February, with a follow-up planned for early next year.

The Postal Affairs Minister stressed the importance of Post Office and Postmasters being remunerated properly and Post Office working together with the NFSP. 

The NFSP believes the relationship between Postmasters and Post Office is vital for a viable future.

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