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NFSP urges Government to extend subsidy

Oct 21, 2020 |

The NFSP has called for the extension of the subsidy payment Government provides to Post Office Ltd. 

The UK’s budgetary framework operates on a cyclical basis with the allocation of funding to Government departments set (roughly) every three years. The Government is currently considering its spending priorities for the future after conducting its Comprehensive Spending Review 2020.

The NFSP fed into the spending review by submitting a formal representation to HM Treasury in September. The NFSP’s response called for the extension of the subsidy payment Government currently provides to cover some of the operating costs of the post office network. In doing so, the NFSP wrote, “the Government will recognise the incredible work that subpostmasters and their staff do to support their local communities.”

The NFSP’s representation also outlined how the post office network should be a target for further Government investment to support the ‘levelling up’ agenda – which reflects Government’s intention to ‘level-up’ regional disparities in terms of wealth and access to services.

The full representation submitted to the Treasury by the NFSP can be downloaded HERE

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