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NFSP statement regarding counterfeit stamps

Apr 12, 2024 |

The NFSP has raised our concern with Post Office Ltd (PO) over the potential reputational damage to postmasters regarding counterfeit stamps.

In a story published by the Daily Mail on Wednesday, it was reported that four Chinese companies are printing one million fake stamps a week, and that these are flooding the United Kingdom.

Members of the public have complained about receiving £5 penalties to collect post after Royal Mail (RM) deemed the stamps on them to be counterfeit.

PO have held several meetings with RM in recent months to find out how stamps are identified as fake, and RM now have stringent processes in place before customers are surcharged.

Customers are reminded to only buy stamps from RM’s website or from your local post office, who have them provided by RM.

The NFSP is taking this issue very seriously. If any customer reports to you that they have been charged for a ‘counterfeit’ stamp, can you please let the NFSP know by emailing and we will liaise with PO.