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NFSP statement on latest from Horizon Inquiry

May 24, 2024 |

The NFSP of today does not and cannot support the words, decisions and actions of the former NFSP General Secretary, George Thomson, heard at yesterday’s Inquiry. The comments made in an email to Nick Beal and Paula Vennells in December 2012 and read out at the Inquiry were deplorable and unacceptable and we apologise unreservedly to all victims and their families.

It is evident that Mr Thomson should have listened with an open mind to those trying to shine a light on the Horizon IT problems.

While in the early days, it might have seemed unlikely to be Horizon that was at fault, by at least 2010 there should have been a strong questioning of the Post Office line.  By the time of the Second Sight Interim Report, it should have been clear and obvious to all representative bodies involved that there was something wrong.

As Postmasters ourselves, who have and still use Horizon today, we have campaigned to both Government and Post Office for the system to be externally audited and results published so that those who use the system today and the general public can have confidence in its reliability. We are also campaigning for an independent scrutiny function to be put in place so that Post Office cannot act as judge, jury and executioner as they did in the past.

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