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New NFSP podcast available now

Mar 20, 2024 |

In the latest episode of our podcast, The Post Report: Stories from the post office network, NFSP Chief Executive Calum Greenhow, along with postmasters Sue Bruce and Barry Vara, speak about all the issues Hard to Place postmasters currently face.

Post Office Ltd is facing another backlash after its decision to cut long-serving Hard to Place postmasters leavers payment by more than half, for those affected by the end of the Network Transformation (NT) programme.

Listen to Calum, Sue and Barry talk through the situation, the money that was ringfenced for the end of NT, their worries and concerns, plus if this is potentially another post office scandal happening today by clicking HERE.

The first episode of our podcast with Barnards Green postmaster Jenny Cain can be viewed HERE.

The second episode with NFSP Chair Tim Boothman, who talked about the Horizon scandal, the future of the NFSP and much more, can be watched HERE.