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New NFSP Mails Support Team

Apr 22, 2021 |

The NFSP’s project-specific grant funding for its Mails Segregation Team officially came to an end last month. However, with mails being such an important part of the post office network, the NFSP believes that subpostmasters should continue to have access to as much advice and support as they need.

Therefore, the NFSP is pleased to announce that we will continue to support you through our new Mails Support Team. The team is made up of eight Mails Support Advisors, covering all 10 regions of the UK (see the table below to find your local advisor).

The priority of the team will be to support you with any mails segregation issues you may have and to give you valuable advice and best practice with mails on a range of areas, such as customer service and dangerous goods compliance. A key focus for the team will also be to show and help you take advantage of the new approach to mails remuneration.

The team will be offering one-to-one support over the phone and, once safe to do so, at your post office. You can also benefit from this support through our interactive online workshops, WhatsApp groups and a whole host of tools and guides available on the ‘Post Office Support’ area of the NFSP website.

In addition, we will be working very closely with the operations teams at both Royal Mail and Post Office Ltd to help resolve any issues that you raise, as well as those that we identify through our research and mails segregation data analysis.

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