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Mailbags and stamps - what to do if you experience shortages this Christmas

Dec 10, 2021 |

In the lead-up to Christmas, it’s crucial that members keep a close eye on their supplies of stamps and mailbags.

The NFSP is aware that some members are experiencing insufficient mailbag supplies to their offices, with Royal Mail (RM) failing to provide replacement bags for those they collect in some instances.

Given the issues many members experienced last year, the NFSP has also placed pressure on Post Office Ltd (PO) through our Negotiating and Engagement Team (NET) to ensure supplies of Christmas stamps are more appropriate than in previous years.

Please report any shortages, or anticipated shortages, of either mailbags or stamps to the relevant personnel as soon as possible:


Any members currently experiencing mailbag shortages, or think they may be in danger of this soon, should report it to the RM Helpline on 0345 795 0950 (option 4, and then option 1).

If, after alerting RM, the issue is still not resolved, they should report this to the NFSP at or call 01273 452324 (option 5) and we will feed this back to our Mails Support Team.

Members should monitor their bags and act early if they anticipate a shortage. If possible, they should keep a few bags aside while they have a surplus as a contingency measure.


PO CViT vans should all be carrying ‘contingency packs’ over the Christmas period. If members are at risk of running out of Christmas stamps, they should ask the van driver for a pack.

These contingency packs were one of the suggestions raised by the NET in previous discussions.

PO has sought to ensure the amounts supplied are realistic, but please feed back any issues through your Area Manager.

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