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Horizon inquiry update

Nov 25, 2021 |

Since the last update provided by the NFSP (see HERE), there have been further developments in the Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry. 

On 8 November, the inquiry Chair Sir Wyn Williams, requested that BEIS, UKGI, Post Office Ltd (PO) and Fujitsu “waive privilege in respect of legally privileged material relevant to the Terms of Reference as carried into effect by the Provisional List of Issues.”

On 16 November, Sir Wyn posted an update on the inquiry website HERE confirming that all these organisations have confirmed that legal privileges will be waived. In PO’s case, the response to Sir Wyn’s request was more complex. However, Sir Wyn was content with the response, stating that it “goes a very long way towards meeting the request I made of them. It is clear to me that in respect of many of the most crucial lines of investigation for the Inquiry POL has waived legal professional privilege.”

On 17 November, the inquiry published the list of issues it intends to investigate. Members can read the list in full HERE.

As previously stated, the NFSP will continue to support the inquiry fully. We believe is it vital that those impacted by the Horizon scandal have their reputations restored and all their losses, including consequential losses, refunded. We hope the inquiry is able to address what happened in the past and to provide protection to the current and future post office network.

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