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Horizon Inquiry Preliminary Hearing - 8 November

Nov 8, 2021 |

NFSP Communications

Today (8 November), the Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry held a preliminary hearing which will help finalise the list of issues the inquiry will explore.

Today’s hearing considered whether four key issues should be covered by the inquiry – pertaining to: the forensic accountancy firm Second Sight Investigations Limited, reliance on legal advice in Horizon-related prosecutions, the conduct of the GLO Bates vs Post Office, and divergences across the UK.

In broad terms, the NFSP believes that all four of these issues should be examined by the Inquiry. These are all highly pertinent. NFSP CEO Calum Greenhow made this known to the inquiry in today’s hearing.

The NFSP believes is it vital that those impacted by the Horizon scandal have their reputations restored and all their losses, including consequential losses, refunded.

 We hope the inquiry is able to address what happened in the past and to provide protection to the current and future post office network.

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