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Horizon Inquiry compensation

Sep 19, 2023 |


On Tuesday 18 September 2023, Postal Minister Kevin Hollinrake MP, made a statement to Parliament announcing that £600,000 would be paid in compensation to those with an overturned Horizon conviction.


Interim payments of £163,00 have already been made to some, however many of the wrongly-convicted Horizon victims are still in financial difficulties due directly to their past convictions.


The optional full and final settlement will be available to anyone who can prove an overturned conviction.


The NFSP welcomes the announcement, however the time taken to reach this settlement has contributed to additional stresses and financial difficulties for each of the victims.


NFSP CEO Calum Greenhow stated:


“ Whilst the announcement by Government is very welcome, we cannot ignore that that it is has been five years since the start of the GLO court case, and in some cases it has been over 20 years that these victims have been waiting and seeking such redress. It is now for each victim who has had their convictions overturned to determine whether the way the £600,000 being made available is right for them, and brings a closure to such a harrowing chapter in their lives. However, we do remember those former colleagues who have not been able to have their convictions referred to the High Court, by the CCRC, due to Horizon not being integral to their conviction. They are victims of the same culture that led to the Horizon scandal in the first place.”


Read the full announcement and debate HERE:


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