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Exciting new product launch for NFSP Members

Sep 14, 2021 |

Introducing the NEW 2865-S Banknote value counter from Safescan.

Rapidly counts banknotes with the highest precision.

RRP £799 - NFSP Members special price of £475 (prices exclude VAT)


  • Brand new features and specification. 
  • New 'Easy-clean' element.  Great for high volume use.
  • Brand new upgrades - improved experience for members.
  • New larger HD Touchscreen display with multi-lingual interface.
  • Member will receive detailed messages whenever a banknote is rejected or when banknotes are positioned incorrectly. 
  • Device displays cleaning notification and can be 'opened-up' and cleaned making it much easier to maintain. 
  • Easy updating process using USB sticks. 
  • New multi-fix feature allows Members to count up to 3 currencies at the same time.
  • Replaces current 2685-S model.
  • Verifies banknotes on up to 7 security features. 
  • Dedicated NFSP/Safescan website.
  • Counts up to 1,200 banknotes per minute.
  • 100% tested banknote verification by central banks. 
  • Special price for NFSP Members.
  • Available NOW for NFSP Members.
  • Exclusive price!

To find out more and to secure the special NFSP member price, visit



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