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Calum’s Comment: Customers don’t want everything online

Oct 24, 2023 |

NFSP Chief Executive Officer Calum Greenhow writes about how the DVLA campaign is reminding people that their communities will be worse off without Post Offices.


Hello everyone,

Back in 2005 income to Post Office from Government services was £576m per year, now it is less than £30m. Over these years, successive Governments have made decisions to remove products and services from being available via the Post Office network.

The DVLA campaign is about saying to the British people that "Government doesn't want a Post Office" and reminding them that their communities will be worse off without a Post Office at their heart. As I have listened to customers who have been eager to sign our petition, their motivation is that they don't want everything online and that they value our presence on their High Street or in their community. None of them want to see the Post Office go the way of the banks.
Over the last few months, it has been encouraging to see how many colleagues have backed our campaign and been willing to speak with their MP or local radio channel or newspaper to highlight this current issue because they know that if the Government is allowed to win with the DVLA, other products and services will quickly follow suit.
Unfortunately the NFSP-organised event in Westminster on Wednesday 1 November has had to be postponed due to the State Opening of Parliament but we will rearrange it for the new year. We will inform you of the date as soon as possible. However, it is important that colleagues still engage with their MP's to highlight the many challenges Postmasters face. The more colleagues engage, the more Parliamentarians will take notice and as we approach an election year, listen. 


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