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Member Feedback

Monthly remuneration survey

Every month we collate the findings of our monthly remuneration survey and present these internally to the NFSP Board, and externally to BEIS and PO.

Please click here to see a summary of these research findings, published in each issue of The SubPostmaster magazine. 


Current issues

Alongside the consistent remuneration questions, we also ask about specific current issues, so we can better understand the impact on Postmasters.

Please click here to see a summary of research findings.


Member survey

In 2018/19 and 2020/21, we sought to actively improve the amount and quality of information we have on postmasters’ experiences by conducting a comprehensive member survey. We commissioned a research provider to carry out a quantitative telephone survey of 1,000 independent (ie non-multiple) NFSP members. The survey covered key themes such as income, banking services, challenges faced by the postmaster, plans for the future and engagement with the NFSP.

Strict fieldwork targets were set by region and post office model (Main, Local etc.) and data were weighted in line with the overall population of independent NFSP members. The results are robust and reliable, and can be treated as representative of the population.

We are extremely grateful to all NFSP members who took part in the survey – you can be assured that we are making use of the findings with the intention of improving pay and conditions for postmasters as we promised.

We intend to carry out further research and we encourage all members to take part in any future studies.

Findings from the 2021 survey can be found here.



For more information about how to take part in our surveys in the future, contact NFSP Public Affairs Manager, Ruth Buckley-Salmon by emailing: