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Updating your Christmas opening times

Nov 24, 2020 |

Due to the expected increase in the use of mails services this year, post office customers are being encouraged to post their Christmas presents as early as possible.

It is therefore more important than ever that your customers know when they can visit your post office over the Christmas period.

Here are some of the ways you can update your opening times:

Branch hub

Post Office Ltd (PO) have put together a step-by-step guide to updating your opening hours through Branch Hub - see the video HERE.

Once you have successfully updated your hours, PO can then automatically update Branch Finder and Google My Business for registered post offices, which will give potential customers more ways of finding out when they can visit you.

If you haven't yet registered to Branch Hub, go to

PO Branch Support Centre

You can also update your opening times by contacting PO's Branch Support Centre. Call 0333 345 5567 or email for more information.


Social media

Don't forget to share your new opening hours on social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) to let your community know when you're open and what services you offer. Social media can be a highly effective way to attract new customers and build customer loyalty.


Further guidance

When planning your Christmas opening hours, it is important to be aware of Royal Mail's last collection date, which is Thursday 24 December. There will be no collections after this date until Tuesday 29 December.There will also be no collection on Friday 1 January and, in Scotland, on Saturday 2 January.

PO's current guidance recommends that you keep your office open on 24 December (Christmas Eve) and 31 December (New Year's Eve) until at least 4pm. The NFSP believes that, as self-employed businesspeople, no one knows your customer demand better than you - and no one knows the right time to stay open until better than you.

That said, we suggest that you do not close on 24 or 31 December until Royal Mail have performed their last collection.

For a detailed list of recommended opening times over the Christmas period, based on past customer transaction data, see the latest edition of PO's Branch Focus (week 35).


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