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Post Office Horizon Inquiry – engagement methods

Nov 13, 2020 |

Last week saw the release of the timeline and engagement methods for the Post Office Horizon Inquiry, which will explore the implementation and failings of the Horizon IT computer system over its lifetime.

Chaired by Sir Wyn Williams, a former High Court judge, the Inquiry will involve several elements – including:

  • Public and private hearing sessions from individuals affected by the Horizon dispute
  • Public hearing sessions from organisations – Post Office Ltd (PO), Fujitsu and BEIS
  • ‘Call for Evidence’ and ‘People Survey’

NFSP CEO Calum Greenhow has had an introductory meeting with Sir Wyn and will continue to contribute to and support the Inquiry.

We have called upon Government to do far more to ensure there is transparency around PO’s activities. Our position is that Horizon should be externally audited on a regular basis and the results of these audits should be made available publicly. All subpostmasters need to be confident that the system they use every day is robust and remains so.

The NFSP believes that those who suffered due to PO’s way of dealing with shortfalls and issues with the Horizon system should be appropriately recompensed and have their reputations restored.

The Inquiry will seek to understand the historic experiences of subpostmasters as well as views on the current situation as PO ‘seeks to respond to the findings in the Horizon judgments, and implement the measures set out in the Settlement Agreement’. With that in mind, the NFSP encourages subpostmasters to feed into the Inquiry.

  • If you were affected by Horizon and PO’s behaviour then you can share your story through the hearing sessions, by responding to the ‘Call for Evidence’, and/or by completing the ‘People Survey’
  • If you have views on the changes PO has instituted since the Group Litigation Order Bates vs Post Office concluded in December 2019, then you can also share these with the Inquiry through the ‘Call for Evidence’ and/or ‘People Survey’

Details of what each stage will involve and the timelines for these are available online here:

The NFSP will keep you updated on developments with the Inquiry.

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