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New IRI research: Shoppers prefer to buy local

Nov 20, 2018 | Retail

Kevin Whitlock

More than half of UK consumers (55%) preferring to buy local brands to help support local and small producers, according to new research.

IRI’s latest European Shopper Insights Survey other reasons for buying local brands include better quality (46%) and because products taste better (33%). A further 32% cite environmental reasons, such as less pollution from transport.

Although older shoppers show a preference for buying local-only, it is young millennials aged 18-24 who are more inclined to buy international brands, which they perceive to be more innovative and affordable. More than 50% of shoppers in this age group prefer to focus their spend on big brands, with the exception of fresh food.

When UK shoppers were asked why they do not buy local brands, price is a major issue across all age groups, with a third saying it is because local brands are more expensive than big brands. Shoppers also have concerns about lack of availability and limited assortment, with 39% not able to find the products they want, and 24% saying they would need to go to other stores to buy them. Significantly, 27% of respondents worry that the brands are ‘unknown’.

The survey found UK shoppers are most likely to buy fresh food locally, including milk, eggs, yogurt and cheeses, compared to packaged food (10%), frozen food (9%) and personal/beauty care (8%).

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